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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Independent Contractor?

An independent contractor is a worker that contracts with Zephyr Partners (ZP) under an independent contractor agreement.  An independent contractor’s work will require the terms accepted in the independent contractor agreement to be met.

What types of assistance will be available once I am an Independent Contractor?

Independent contractors will attend a certification program which will be coordinated by ZP.  An independent contractor will be certified in various software programs.

Will I need a Tax Identification Number?

An independent contractor will be required to complete an IRS Form W-9 and will need a Tax Identification Number (TIN) or social security number.

May I work another job while I provide services for ZP?

An independent contractor has the freedom to pursue other jobs while providing work for ZP. The goal of ZP is to provide our clients with access to reliable, professional independent contractors. Independent contractors are expected to honor the times they agree to provide work on behalf of ZP. 

Will I be paid during Certification Time?

Certifications are not paid.  Your compensation will commence once you start providing the work.

What is the Compensation Package?

ZP will pay a fee per hour of services provided. Such fee will be indicated in your Independent Contractor Agreement. There will be a signing bonus as part of your compensation for completing the certification. Such signing bonus varies based on work and it will be outlined in the contract.  All payments will be made once the independent contractor submits an invoice on a bi-weekly basis.

Can ZP Terminate My Contract? 

An Independent Contractor Agreement will not be terminated by ZP providing the terms of the agreement are being satisfied and the contract is not breached.  If an independent contractor breaches the terms of agreement, ZP may terminate the contract at its discretion. 

Are independent contractors eligible for benefits offered by an employer to its employees?

An independent contractor is self-employed and not eligible for employee related benefits.

What type of equipment is provided by ZP?

An independent contractor is expected to provide their own equipment to perform the work.

Am I required to work a set number of hours daily?

As an independent contractor you will supply your availability to provide the work.

Do I need to pay for any fees for the work that I provide?

ZP does not charge any contractor related fees.

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