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Contact center industry solutions are typically viewed as customer service for the Retail Industry or support for consumer products, however Zephyr partners views them as only the tip of the iceberg.

What allows Zephyr Partners contact center solutions to be flexible for many industries is a combination of experience, technology and processes unique to many industries.

With over a combined 30 years of experience in contact center solutions, agent recruitment, workforce management and customized training expertise, we are in a unique position to provide contact center agents targeted to the requirements of our customers.

Our technology has an integrated and holistic approach to servicing the needs of many industries. We provide the basic services of call, fax, email, web chat, and text management, then we take it to the next level with full back-end systems integration, customized reporting, and a robust set of connectivity options.

Each industry has their own processes that enable them to create efficiencies unique to them. Having a Project Management Office (PMO) with a best practices program, allows for the convergence of processes, technology and resources. Our Project Managers and Analysts ensure that we not only follow customer standards, but continue to review them to deliver a high quality of service via continuous improvement programs.

Zephyr Partners is the only contact center solution company that takes this approach to service, and that is what makes us the next generation of contact center solutions.

For more information, please call us at 877.937.4971 or email us at contact@zpacs.com.
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