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On Demand ACD

Smarter, More Effective ACD Software

Get your callers to the right agent, or method of service they prefer, more quickly and effectively.

Customer expectations are constantly on the rise; callers are expecting to quickly connect with a knowledgeable agent who can promptly service their needs.

Our skills-based ACD software can help you power through the callers in queue and quickly distribute them to the agents with the skills to help them. Compatible with a number of communications vehicles such as IVR, chat, or email, our ACD's multi-channel routing gives your customers a choice in how they interact with you. And no matter what channel your customers choose to use, our ACD connects everyone in a single intelligent and unified queue.

Our hosted ACD software also features inbound/outbound call blending. That means when call volumes increase and service level goals start to slip, selected calls can be automatically routed to outbound agents. This ensures that your customers are always handled quickly and to their satisfaction. If wait times are still too long, our ACD has a call back feature that keeps your customers from having to wait on the line.

And while our ACD enables you to create a differentiated customer experience, it's also about making your life easier. Because we are a cloud-based call center provider, we can help businesses with multiple call center locations unify call distribution across the globe. That means that no matter where you choose to do business we have a solution that suits your needs.

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