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CTI Software Connects Customers to Answers

Our implementation of Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) provides the most tailored solution with regard to connecting the telephone system with your back end systems.

CTI software facilitates personalized service that your customers will appreciate. Our hosted call center platform identifies your customers by unique identifiers, such as their phone number or account number, and once identified, backend CTI can provide them with information that's helpful and relevant to them. Examples include information such as a local address, account balance, or even local power outage information. And, if the customer needs to then talk to an agent, the platform determines the right agent queue to handle the inquiry and/or the priority of that particular caller. Once the correct agent has been identified by the system, desktop CTI is used to "pop" the right customer screen. This reduces call handle time and leads to increased customer satisfaction as well as a more personalized customer experience - which, of course, tranlates to increased business for you.

Additionally, as part of the CTI software solution, we also offer desktop CTI that enables your agents' call control interface to be completely embedded within browser-based CRMs such as salesforce.com. This merges your technologies, creating a seamless flow of information that provides customers the answers they need quickly and provides agents easy access to the information they need to deliver a superior service experience.

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