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Call Center Agent Training - There is a Better Way

Eliminate the Classroom and Train Agents at Their Desktop, When it's Convenient

It used to be training call center agents was a big production—there was scheduling, finding the right trainers, and then of course the inconvenient content delivery. The worst part of it though was pulling revenue-earning agents off the phones in masses so they could attend. Nowadays, there are more efficient, more cost-effective solutions.

With eLearning, it's easy to maximize agent productivity while also increasing your agents' capabilities. This innovative call center software enables you to create your own custom content and then deliver it directly to your agents' desktops, no training room necessary. You can deliver your training content on a schedule or program "learning breaks" when call volumes are low so it doesn't interfere with service levels. You can also deliver specific training to agents who have been identified with skill gaps based on information acquired through quality management, feedback or other type of agent assessment. Our call center agent training software ensures consistent, high quality customer interactions across the entire call center floor.

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