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Hosted IVR Software Makes Higher Profit Possible

Interactive Voice Response Enables Greater Efficiency and Higher Profits

You've done your due diligence and you have a building full of talented call center agents. You could be exceeding your sales goals and onto unprecedented profitability by now. The problem is your agents are spending most of their time answering basic questions and looking up account information. It's not the most productive use of agent time.

Find the perfect balance of profitability and exceptional customer service with a hosted IVR software solution. It allows customers to self-solve on basic functions like bill pay, account inquiries and more. When your call center is closed, the IVR adds an extra level of convenience by enabling your customers to service their needs after regular business hours.

Our solutions represent a win-win; for your customers and your company. For one, it seamlessly integrates with other technologies and can be deployed quickly without any additional equipment purchases. That means you can be up and running in the shortest amount of time and without a lot of hassle or expense. With a user-friendly drag and drop utility, it's incredibly easy to configure on-demand yourself, or if you prefer, our experienced Professional Services Team is always available to help answer questions and provide insights.

Further increasing its value is the IVR's outbound calling capabilities. With an IVR software solution, there is no reason for agents to make general outbound calls either. The IVR can automatically communicate with your customers and provide them with messages about their accounts, update them on communications, or even deliver sales promotions or new company initiatives..

Overall, a hosted IVR software solution makes it possible for your agents to focus on your most profitable activities. In addition, IVR self-service and outbound campaigns cost per call is significantly less than a live agent's cost per call— making it a money saving/money making solution all the way around.

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