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Call Center Workforce Management Software

Call volumes are subject to constantly changing levels. When you try to estimate how many seats you'll need to keep customers happy while maintaining cost controls, the results are not always what you expect; either there are too many under-utilized agents or not enough. And that's just forecasting—you have to schedule your agents too.

Workforce Management Software is an industry-proven solution to this business challenge. Using advanced analysis and data unique to your company, it uses a set of algorithms to predict demand, abandon, rates and queue times. It also helps you to optimize your workforce with schedules that take agent skills, preferences, and proficiencies into consideration. This results in minimized labor costs and ensures your customers have the brand-building quality of service they need, when they want it.

Another huge benefit of Workforce Management Software is the advanced scheduling capability. You can build schedules around factors such as agent seniority, preferences, performance, and your forecasted demand to ensure the most optimal schedule scenarios. The WFM software also allows you to assign tasks and includes real-time agent tracking so you know whether an agent is adhering to their assigned schedule or not. Additionally, agents are able to self-manage, with options to request time off and swap schedules with each other via the web interface.

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